Disable UCI for default page load – Dynamics 365

Recently, while creating a D365 trial, I observed that by default, UCI is enabled for new trials commissioned. And it’s quite tricky to switch to previous UI before UCI, for people like me ;). I called it tricky, because, you will find it hard to see the options, needed for switching the UI mode, if you are adapted to use prior UI.

Below are the steps, to switch the UI from UCI to a normal mode 🙂 :

  • When a new trial was provisioned for me, I got below UI:



By default, I was taken to App picker page.

If you observe the URL, you will see, forceUCI is set to 1. And pagetype points to apps.

When I tried to change forceUCI to 0 or false, below is the screen set. However I was not able to see any menu options in the UI.



In above Image, you will see, that forceUCI is set to 0, but I was not able to see any menu options.

  • To change the UCI mode to ‘No’ at system level, we need to do it from Administration. However, in UCI, I was not able to see the Settings menu :(.

I went to ‘Dynamics 365 – Custom’ app, to check, if I can see the settings menu, but I was not L. Below is the screenshot.


  • Finally I went to advanced settings as below, which open a new tab, with Settings page, with UI without UCI 😦



  • We can then navigate to Settings -> Administration:


  • Click on System Settings.
  • Under General Tab, There is an option named ‘Use the new Unified Interface only (recommended)’. Set ‘No’ for it.



  • Happy CRMing 🙂

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